Questions & Answers

In full ARI is Area Reporting Intelligence, an ai that was built with an aim of collecting area safety data to enable community members make right decisions on their travels.

The ask-ari application is currently the official platform used to request for an area report. It shares your current location with ARI and requests for its current report.

ARI is smart 😉 , well let's say ARI keeps searching and collecting data about area safety around the globe and when a particular area report is requested for, in this case yours ARI will share what it knows about that location.

No, currently you can get an area report only through the ask-ari app. We understand that there are other people that have sought integration of the ARI reports into their platforms, if you are one of them contact the team to assist you on this.

The reports generated by ARI are based on data shared by other users that have been to that a particular area. ARI also sources data from different internet sources which are indicated in the reports so that you make your own judgement.

When you download the ask-ari application, it prompts you for access to your device location and its through this that we can tell where you are currently for that particular request.